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Book cover of "A Country No More" by Krista Elrick. Featuring an image of a white swan overlapping an antique map of the eastern United States of America.
Lunch & Learn: Where are the birds? Retracing Audubon, Panel Discussion
Where are the birds? Retracing Audubon is an exhibition and book project reexamining John James Audubon’s epic life journey and the production of his hugely popular Birds of America. Elrick retraced Audubon’s journeys to learn more about him and what had happened to the birds, animals, communities and landscapes he traveled through. Much to her surprise, she found the lushly forested watersheds and waterways that Audubon had passionately described in his journals vastly altered with many of the bird species extinct and their supporting habitat all but disappeared. Wishing to pay homage to what had been lost, Elrick made dozens of black-and-white images of the country she traveled through as it looks now, some 170 years later. Elrick’s book, A Country No More: Rediscovering the Landscape of John James Audubon is a fascinating volume that gives us a fresh and provocative perspective not only on the changing American landscape, but on Audubon himself, his times, and his enduring legacy.

This presentation will be in panel discussion format with panelists Krista Elrick, Mary Anne Redding and Gregory Nobles.

Visit the TCVA website for more information about Elrick’s exhibition visit https://tcva.org/event/retracing-audubon-eco-conversations-with-krista-elrick/

Jul 12, 2021 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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