General Education Listening Task Force Listening Session - Shared screen with gallery view
Cameron Lippard (he/him/his)
If there are not going to be cuts, then why do I see faculty lobbying to keep certain requirements? We just heard from three folks about keeping the wellness literacy items and their importance in Gen Ed. I would ask that once these listening sessions over that the Gen Ed Office provides a list of priorities for revisions. I'm sorry to fear cuts but even the interim Vice Provost suggests the Chancellor wants to cut hours.
Mark Coltrain
The First Year Seminar Online Library Component lays some foundational work for that but it could be improved. Thanks, Andrew!
Mark Coltrain
About information literacy that is.
Lauren Renkert (she/her/hers)
Please consider a broad conceptualization of wellness as it encompasses several areas under consideration, including social justice, sustainability, and climate literacy. Wellness includes prevention to action, and affects us on all levels from the individual to community and beyond.
Cameron Lippard (he/him/his)
Some of us (i.e., wellness, social sciences, humanities) have more concerns about cuts than others (i.e., hard sciences, math, writing). The designators would also have to be re-evaluated for their accuracy and consistency. Thus, this is more than just listening in the face of the pandemic, suggested UNC budget cuts, etc. We have to think about whether we are a liberal arts education or we are moving into a new era of tech/job preparedness-only education.
Cameron Lippard (he/him/his)
The problem with 10+ years of transfer credit is that things have changed and we can't assess whether they meet the various designators based on a very old set of coursework. Even in the social sciences and humanities what we theorize and research and teach has changed drastically in explaining human interactions, institutional change, and the call for social change and justice. We have to realize that transfer students will have to "catch up" to the moment and I don't want to set them up for failure as they enter higher-level courses and majors without understanding that what they learned 10 years ago may not help them understand today's world. So, I agree with Denise that has to be a unique solution for gen ed for transfer students.
Cameron Lippard (he/him/his)
Sorry, Jeni.
Leonardo Flores
I think it’s called “Physics”
Leonardo Flores
Trevor Bruffy
@Leonardo, yes. I believe you are correct. hahah
Jeni Wyatt (she/hers)
@Leo - absolutely!
Leonardo Flores
Thanks for your feedback, Jeni. I see the issue less as additive than about refocusing our offerings.
Mark Ginn
Leo, all classes are really math classes :)
Mark Ginn
SO what if you are undecided?? (Jeni)
Leonardo Flores
Jeni Wyatt (she/hers)
@Mark - Maybe there can be a "basic" gen ed program that diverges at some point. At that point of divergence, if you're still undecided, you may have to take more classes to catch up...much like changes of major may have to take more.
Cameron Lippard (he/him/his)
I feel that may be troublesome too, Jeni. Agree with Mark. What will majors on campus who get their students after they realize they don't want to be a musician, nurse, or accountant? How will they ever be able to recruit students into the major or how will students be able to complete the "gen ed" for social sciences when they just finished the gen ed for business or health or whatever?
Cameron Lippard (he/him/his)
Interesting point, Jeni.
Cameron Lippard (he/him/his)
Good points, Soo.
Jeni Wyatt (she/hers)
Lynne - Don't we already really have "major specific" gen ed tracks now? Like Bob said many majors require specific gen ed courses, so if they make the "wrong" choices early on for what ends up to be their major, they are behind.
Lynne Waugh
Jeni: absolutely! That's what we call major creep and it can mean that students who change their majors (and MANY do) must stay in school longer. Families can no longer incur the 5 year plan.
Christine Anderson
Thanks, Deanne.
Deanne Smith
Cameron Lippard (he/him/his)
Career Development is good stuff folks and our students asking for it and really need it!