General Education Listening Task Force Listening Session - Shared screen with gallery view
Christian Martin
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Kevin Schilbrack
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Greg McClure (he/him/él)
Mark Ginn
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Leonardo Flores
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Cindy Barr
interesting point Cameron. especially in light of the growing number of incoming students who enter with Gen Ed met.
Cindy Barr
also, Kim, love a designation rather than theme. themes are challenging for incoming transfers
Cameron Lippard
I totally agree with Dana. Very good point! Requirements are necessary to encourage learning beyond passive absorption.
Cameron Lippard
Good point, Jill - major or minor designation makes sense.
Kim Q. Hall
I think the reason to have something in gen ed (a designator, for example) because it would underscore that understanding difference and systemic injustice is a central part of Appalachian’s curriculum. I agree with Jill’s idea of an additional requirement in the major or minor.
Jill Ehnenn
Precisely Kevin! Demographic shifts for their own sake don’t necessarily contribute to justice, though it might :look like it"
IlaSahai Prouty
Cameron Lippard
As Kevin suggested, is it possible that Diversity and Inclusion is a step towards really getting to Social Justice practices. Thus, it may be a two-part designator that needs to be completed in which you take one "DI" designation and one "SJ" designation. You might get one or the other through Gen Ed and then finish it out with the major or vice versa.
Cameron Lippard
Would attributes lead to a certificate???
Cameron Lippard
Because it doesn't relate to their major.
Caroline Burgess
Could a DI or SJ designator take the place of the current SS designator? Just a thought since many of the subjects that lend themselves to a DI or SJ designation, are in the social sciences already.
Jesse Lutabingwa
One of the challenges of the Certificate was the foreign language requirement.
Jill Ehnenn
I do think the STEM depts could offer something for their majors and minors (and should). I just don’t think it’s reasonable to expect STEM curriculum to have as much choice among their classes, and we want to minimize administative/staffing issues esp as budgets get more challenging. That’s why I think giving students choice between major/minor would be helpful. But I certainly don’t think we should expect STEM can’t do it, because there’s lot of fascinating stuff going on in terms of feminist science studies, for example, and lots of interesting things re race as well. And of course there are lots of discussions going on about demographic and social justice issues in those disciplines, too. Any of that would contribute to rich fodder for curriculum
Cameron Lippard
Agreed Jill. I also think the SS designation teaches students about how theory and research inform explanations of human behavior. It does not necessarily mean you have to understand diversity and inclusion.
Christine Anderson
Many students bring in credit hours from the beginning of their academic career that limit their choices in our Gen Ed curriculum and limit the number of electives they have. Also, many students do not complete a minor, so I think we need to think carefully about adding an upper level requirement that might not be offered within their major requirements.
Jill Ehnenn
Agreed, SS is not MC or SJ
Elise Weaver
Jill, I am the undergrad astronomy lab director and how I have handled diversity in the past is acknowledging the lack of diversity in early astronomy, and how that is /was a cultural choice. Who to include and who to exclude or relegate to unnamed support staff.
Kim Q. Hall
Or courses that already exist need to be highlighted/made more visible so that more students know about them.
Jill Ehnenn
Exactly, Elise. It also strikes me that students could learn inclusion via learning about citational politics. (White men only citing each other might contribute to lower numbers of female scientists succeeding at high rates in the profession, etc.)
Elise Weaver
What a good idea! I will bring that up with my department!.
Caroline Burgess
Agreed Greg! Ability, Disability,Socio Economic Status are huge issues, especially with lots of our students here at App and in our rural community. Addressing all injustice is something to remember when we think about setting up courses and curriculum.
Martha McCaughey
Speaking of tools and resources, there is/was some kind of assessment tool developed statewide that tested incoming students' critical thinking abilities. A sample of students at ASU were assessed when they came in and then again later so we could see if we had successfully expanded their skills. Does anyone have a similar type of assessment to test students' general diversity knowledge (or whatever we are saying they need to graduate with)? What would be on this test and how can we assess what student don't know, and whether they learn/gain it by senior year?
Caroline Burgess
Yes, Cameron!
Mark Ginn
Martha, there was a test that we used for Cultural Competence (I think that was the word) that we used some in the assessment of our QEP. I know that is not exactly the same as Diversity or Social Justice but might be closer.
Dana Powell
As Kim said earlier: many courses already exist. We need strategies for highlighting and supporting ongoing efforts in addition to growing new areas.
Leonardo Flores
I agree Cameron. Working with these issues should be unavoidable.
Leonardo Flores
Built into the curriculum as it exists, as well as expanding.
Jill Ehnenn
Cameron’s point about student resentment is so true. I wish I didn’t ever have to hear students talk about “Just a Gen Ed course” It’s not all students, but it’s a lot.
Cameron Lippard
Absolutely, Kim!
Darci Gardner
YES. Kim has made a really important point. Several faculty members who specialize in issues related to social justice currently teach the majority of their courses in a language other than English. Bringing social justice into GenEd would make it feasible for these courses to be taught in English so that more students could benefit from them.
Cameron Lippard
what is the process moving forward from the listening sessions?
Mark Ginn
To Kim’s point, a few years ago we looked at the courses that were listed to fulfill the Diversity requirement at UNC. We had an equivalent course for over 80% of the courses on their list. So it is not a matter of new courses likely as much as a changing of what we require students to take.
Holly Ambler
Jill, I agree. As a University College Academic Advisor, I hear that a lot! Helping students think differently about the value of General Education can make a big difference in their academic experience and broader learning.
Laura Ammon (she/her)
Thank you all for a thought-provoking meeting.
Martha McCaughey
YES to what Jill is saying! We need to get a message about academics, not just mountains and sports.
Cameron Lippard
Jill, Yes! We brand it as a summer camp where education happens somewhere between kayaking, football games, and good coffee.
Erin Ethridge
I agree with this, Jill.
Heather Waldroup (she/her)
There are a lot of folks writing in really compelling ways about issues of diversity and inclusion in the outdoors -- so recruitment around 'you can climb mountains'/'you can hike' can certainly be critically engaged.
Heather Waldroup (she/her)
I have to log off for another meeting but I recommend that everyone read this beautiful essay: https://www.outsideonline.com/2170266/solo-hiking-appalachian-trail-queer-black-woman
Thomas Studnicky
Thank you all for listening and contributing today
Alice Wright
Thank you everyone, hope you all have a nice day.
Bailey Gardin
Black Ambassadors need more support as well. Not that long ago diversity wasn’t a required topic to talk about on tours until Black ambassadors requested it
Dana Powell
Thanks, all, I have 1pm office hours so must sign off. I hear that we need a ‘listening tour’ of sorts, around this campus, to map what we are already doing in this area, coordinate, and determine critical areas for expansion and growth - with students part of this process.
Kim Q. Hall
Thanks for the listening session. I have to sign off now.
Cameron Lippard
Could we also get some information on the plans upper administration has to change Gen Ed to better shape the perimeters of this conversation?