General Education Listening Task Force Listening Session - Finale - Shared screen with gallery view
Leonardo Flores
That was an important contribution! And one I agree with wholeheartedly!
Theresa Redmond
I appreciate the positive feedback– we’ve all got our students in our hearts and minds.
Leonardo Flores
Digital literacy is covered somewhat in our Rhetoric and Composition courses, but that is just a beginning. It needs to be pervasive in the curriculum. Reinforced everywhere.
Theresa Redmond
^Yes, I agree @Leonardo! I think many of our courses and curricular touch on it, but our approach could be more holistic and pervasive.
Leonardo Flores
We focus more on assessing sources and digital rhetorics, but the TOS and environmental ethics aspects aren’t really covered in our courses.
Theresa Redmond
^@Leonardo: Digital Rhetoric is vital! Absolutely. Wonder how TOS might be used in this context?
Theresa Redmond
@Kristin! Yes, eco justice. There is a lot of this research happening in digital media literacy with regards to the representative aspects, as well as digital aspects of media and tech devices (conflict minerals in phones, carbon emissions from “the cloud,” and e-waste).
Leonardo Flores
On the economics/enviromental angle there’s also the use of blockchain technologies to generate digital currencies, like Bitcoin. It’s capitalism directly turned into environmental damage.
Kevin Oley
I support the idea of including climate literacy in the general education program. I couldn't say it better than has already been stated, so I will save time by just offering my support and my agreement with all that has been said in support of it.
Theresa Redmond
^Yes! There is a tremendous intersection between digital media literacy and climate literacy.
Theresa Redmond
Thank you everyone— heading off to class now. And, engaging our youth generations in learning is what this is all about!
Jim Westerman
What subject is more important than providing students education on the survival of our planet?
Carole Greene (she/her/hers)
I agree about prioritizing financial literacy. We have an opportunity to link it to sustainability and being responsible global citizens as well.
Bailey Gardin (He/Him)
SGA represented today! Love to see it!