General Education Listening Task Force Listening Session - Finale - Shared screen with gallery view
Kristin Hyle (she/her)
Leonardo Flores
I hear you, Caleb! I survived Hurricane María in Puerto Rico.
Leonardo Flores
One idea we’ve discussed in the Listening Group is that certain topics (such as this one) should be inevitable in the curriculum. Within and beyond Gen Ed.
Jay Gibson
I’ve got to go eat dinner. Thanks again to everyone for making this listening session happen!
Ted Zerucha
This was passed along in the chat - I have to go but I wanted to touch on how a climate literacy requirement could meet every single general education goal. It requires us to observe and identify a problem, ask questions, and develop creative solutions. To achieve this, students would need to identify and research credible sources, as well as communicate these issues with people from unique backgrounds. Additionally, climate change is a global problem. The decisions of one country have significant influences on the environment and climate of others. That being said, all communities will be affected differently, requiring strong local action as well. Because of this, topics of environmental racism and environmental justice will be crucial to the development of such a course. Finally, students need to be aware of the impacts that their actions have on their community. A climate literacy course would help students to make informed decisions through civic engagement regarding their futures and future generations
Kathryn Kirkpatrick
Thank you, Ray. I agree that climate change and social justice issues should appear vertically in both gen ed and the majors. And the interdisciplinary possibilities in gen ed make these courses uniquely able to address the multifaceted aspects of climate change and social justice, i.e. environmental justice.
Connor Schlaline
Thank you for your time!
Hannah Cullen
I think that integrating climate change literacy into the gened curriculum is vital to the local and global future, but also the individual futures of students. It is unfair and unjust to have students leave this sustainably focused and advertised campus without understanding climate change. students need to realize the impacts that climate change will have on them and their field along with how their actions will impact the climate and others. it’s unacceptable for this to pass by students within their 4 years here. thank you for listening today.
Leonardo Flores
It is so fitting that we’re hearing this compelling message on Earth Day. And it’s not the first time we’ve heard people speak on this topic.
Sarah Sandreuter
I think we can see a great trend here, climate change literacy should truly be a part of App State’s Gen Eds!
Leonardo Flores
Thank you all for your feedback today!